Are unwanted fat-loss photographs a ticking timebomb? Doctors warn Ozempic & Wegovy are shrinking patients’ muscle tissue

Ozempic and Wegovy are shrinking patients’ muscle mass at an ‘alarming rate’ and might increase their threat of overall health difficulties later in daily life, a celeb doctor has warned.

Dr Peter Attia, a medical professional primarily based in Austin, Texas, warned the medicines ended up not a ‘panacea’ for fat loss — irrespective of having Hollywood by storm.

He mentioned that they prompted equivalent muscle mass-to-fat loss in clients, which he argued manufactured them metabolically ‘fatter’ simply because they then experienced a greater excess fat-to-muscle proportion.

It arrives after other medical professionals voiced similar fears to final month, warning the speedy muscle mass loss places people at threat of brief excess weight-gain when they arrive off the prescription drugs.

Ozempic triggers muscle loss and can actually make patients fatter, a leading doctor has argued because it leaves them with a higher body fat-to-muscle percentage

Ozempic triggers muscle decline and can basically make sufferers fatter, a leading medical doctor has argued because it leaves them with a bigger system fat-to-muscle mass proportion

Celebrity doctor issued the warning over his Instagram account and podcast

He said people using Wegovy should ensure they are eating enough protein and doing resistance training

The celeb health care provider, pictured higher than, issued the warning on his podcast The Travel and via his Instagram account (shown higher than)

Khalin Grant, 41, from Florida, who says she lost 75lbs in seven months while on weekly injections of Wegovy

She says she now fits into smaller dress sizes than when she was at school

Pictured higher than is Khalin Grant, 41, from Florida, who dropped 75lbs in seven months although getting weekly injections of Wegovy. She claims she now matches into smaller dress sizes than when she was in school. Wegovy and Ozempic are equivalent due to the fact they the two use the exact drug, semaglutide, but at unique doses. Wegovy is offered at a bit bigger doses

Speaking on his podcast, The Travel, Dr Attia claimed that sufferers on the therapy had been also getting rid of lean muscle mass, which could worsen their lengthy-expression health and fitness.

He additional in an previously movie on Instagram: ‘Almost devoid of exception, every single client we have put on this drug has misplaced muscle mass. And they have missing muscle mass mass at a amount that alarms me.’

He ongoing: ‘It is not unheard of if you weigh 280lbs and you go to 180 lbs . that you are going to drop some muscle and some fats.

‘But, let us be clear, if you missing 10lbs of muscle mass and 10lbs of body fat to go from 200 to 180 kilos, would that be fantastic?

‘Well, only if you had been additional than 50 per cent system excess fat at the outset. Otherwise, you  have disproportionately shed muscle mass to body fat.’

He included: ‘In fact, you have gotten fatter as you’ve got missing bodyweight.’

A greater body fat-to-muscle mass ratio puts somebody at an enhanced possibility of heart sickness, diabetic issues, frailty and a range of other overall health difficulties.

This is for the reason that the extra fat — visceral unwanted fat that wraps all-around organs — maunfactures much more risky proteins that inflame the physique tissue and organs and start out to narrow the blood vessels.

Ozempic and Wegovy — which are provided as weekly injections for $1,000 a month — function by mimicking a starvation hormone in the system to trick people today into contemplating they are whole.

This suppresses calorie intake with out leaving someone experience hungry, prompting fat reduction. But medical doctors say that clients are likely to shed a lot more muscle mass than extra fat even though on the drug because they are not consuming more than enough protein.

Dr Attia defined that his clinic now helps make clients choose a muscle and body fats scan.

Those people that use Wegovy also want to try to eat a higher protein food plan and do normal resistance work out.

These support to preserve muscle cells and make certain that most of the pounds decline in clients using Wegovy is coming from the fats in their bodies.

He extra: ‘If we have fatigued all of the nutritional choices and we are likely to look at using Ozempic you need to have a [Body muscle to body fat] scan 1st and you need to have seriously crystal clear pointers for what happens.

‘We function intently with individuals that are on these medicines to make certain their protein consumption does not alter.

‘So, if you are 200lbs and your focus on bodyweight is 180lbs, you are continue to likely to be consuming 200grams a day of protein and you are heading to be operating out just as intensely as in advance of and if you do that then, yeah, you could basically disproportionately drop fats mass.’

Prolonged-phrase, shedding muscle mass poses a bigger chance of weakness and decreased mobility which may elevate the hazard of falls and fractures.

It also now means that the human body is burning less energy for each working day, because muscle is metabolically much more high-priced than fat.

This signifies that if a Wegovy person reverts to their original diet regime they are likely to pile the fat back on and gain additional than originally.

This may well have took place to TikToker and in addition-measurement design Remi Bader who discovered that she attained ‘double’ the excess weight she misplaced following coming off Ozempic. 

Dr Attia also expressed worry about the number of non-overweight individuals who have been signing up to acquire the medication.

He mentioned in the video: ‘Perhaps more disturbing to me is the persons who are achieving out to me who are frankly not overweight remotely but are expressing “I actually want to get rid of 10 lbs . to glance very good on my vacation, I must be taking this, ideal?”. 

Much more than 5 million prescriptions ended up published for 4 weight reduction medicines including Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro very last year, reports health care corporation Komodo, 3 situations more than in the previous 12 months.

The prescription drugs are only permitted for people with type 2 diabetes, but data shows that a quarter of prescriptions in 2022 were being off-label for these with no the situation.

These had been most common in Texas followed by Florida, California, New York and Ga.

But amid the surging reputation a lot more and more medical professionals are rising from the woodwork to warn around potential side outcomes.

Pictured above is Ana McKenna before using Wegovy

And she is shown here afterwards

Pictured earlier mentioned is affected person Ana McKenna ahead of and soon after making use of Wegovy. She reported that when on the drug she was shedding one to two lbs a 7 days

Dr Florence Comite, an endocrinologist in New York Metropolis, beforehand warned that folks on the drug ‘absolutely’ shed muscle mass mass.

‘You are not consuming adequate, you are not taking on enough proteins, you are emotion nauseous, so you are taking in comfort and ease food items like mashed potato or rice but far too minimal protein,’ she instructed this internet site previous thirty day period.

‘What we see in this article at the centre, it is normally additional muscle mass loss than fats [in patients].

‘At the very least 50 per cent of our clients will lead with muscle reduction.’

She spelled out that the equilibrium tended to be about 60 % muscle mass reduction vs 40 % fats reduction in clients in their 40s and 50s, no matter of whether they were being obese or chubby.

She warned this was thanks to people consuming much too minor protein whilst on the drug, leading to more muscle mass loss.

Numerous people also will need to do extra resistance training, she explained, these kinds of as body weight lifting or making use of weight education machines that can protect their muscle tissue. 

Older individuals also have decreased levels of the hormone testosterone, which is linked to the upkeep of muscle mass in the physique.

Dr Attia operates the Early Health care clinic in Austin, Texas. He has numerous superstar shoppers including Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman and prize-successful author Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Novo Nordisk, which owns Wegovy and Ozempic, reported: ‘In medical trials for Wegovy (semaglutide), we did not precisely analyze the medicine’s impact on muscle mass.

‘However, in a sub-study of 140 people with a BMI of 40 or fewer… analyses instructed that remedy with Wegovy was accompanied by reductions in both of those fats and lean human body mass.

‘Although lean physique mass (which involves muscle mass) lessened in complete conditions, the proportion of lean overall body mass relative to overall human body mass enhanced.’

Scientists raise alarm in excess of most likely deadly facet result from celeb-beloved body fat-decline drug Wegovy and Ozempic 

Clinical industry experts are warning that Wegovy and very similar fat-reduction pictures may perhaps bring about a possibly fatal aspect impact neglected in trials.

The blockbuster drugs work by mimicking the results of GLP-1, a hormone that slows the movement of food stuff via the intestines – creating a person really feel full for lengthier.

But scientists in China consider the medicine may possibly induce a person’s compact intestine to turn into enlarged, which puts them at significant possibility of a possibly fatal obstruction in their digestive method.

In experiments executed on mice, the enlargement of the intestine happened at around 20 months of having GLP-1 medicine. The workforce points out that clinical trials for Wegovy, which has a sticker selling price of above $1,000 for every month, only went up to 16 months, that means this substantial long-phrase aspect-influence may well have been skipped. 

The scientists also reviewed past investigation on human beings that advise end users of these types of medications are up to 4 situations much more very likely to go through intestinal obstruction.

‘Because [this class of drugs] could result in ongoing increases in the intestinal length and villus peak, the modest intestine may come to be as inelastic… foremost to very long-expression higher intestinal obstruction,’ the scientists wrote.

Intestinal obstructions manifest when a blockage helps prevent foodstuff and liquid from passing through the intestines. This can be prompted by injury to the digestive procedure, most cancers, or an infected or stretched intestine.


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