Do weight loss pills work? Experts say it depends

Experts caution weight loss pills can be effective, but recommend they be used with caution and only in conjunction with diet and exercise.

America has long been obsessed with weight loss. New fad diets continue to crop up, food and fitness influencers are popular across social media, and diet and exercise apps are on the rise. It’s no wonder the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports more people are on diets now than were a decade ago, and that a 2021 Gallup poll shows that 4 out of 10 Americans consider themselves to be overweight. 

While healthy eating and exercise are, of course, paramount to longevity and quality of life, experts say too many people think of weight loss pills as a shortcut for shedding extra pounds instead of as a sometimes-vital tool for the individuals they’ve been approved for. Barbara Olendzki, RD, associate professor at UMass Chan Medical School, says “there are many dangers” associated with weight loss pills and she doesn’t recommend taking them “without a doctor’s prescription and oversight.” 


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