‘Hot mom’ sparks debate for showing off postpartum body 2 weeks after giving birth

A new mom has gone viral on TikTok after celebrating her postpartum recovery online. (Image via TikTok/aga.bordes)

A new mom has gone viral on TikTok after celebrating her postpartum recovery online. (Image via TikTok/aga.bordes)

A new mom’s TikTok video celebrating her postpartum body has sparked a debate about the pressure women feel to “bounce back” after giving birth.

Last week, Aga Bordes shared a video to TikTok in which she’s enjoying a walk with her newborn baby, looking trim and fit while wearing pale blue leggings and a white tank top.

Borges included a text on screen message to viewers sharing her “point of view” during her “hot mom walk.”

“POV: You’re two weeks postpartum, fit again in all your clothes, it’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re on your hot mom walk, your baby is full and happy, life is good,” the text read.

The video gained more than 540,000 views and sparked an online debate between moms as to whether or not Bordes was perpetuating the “unrealistic” pressure on new moms to lose weight quickly after having a baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most women lose approximately 13 pounds during childbirth, including the weight of the baby, placenta and fluids. In the weeks after giving birth, the body will continue to shed the excess fluid but not necessarily any fat.

Postpartum weight loss can vary, and can take anywhere from six months to one year to lose.

“This is so unrealistic,” one TikTok user commented, while another wrote, “Let’s not normalize everything being back to normal two weeks postpartum. I couldn’t even leave my house for the first two months.”

“Took me months to fit in my old clothes. Two weeks ain’t it,” someone else chimed in. “Can’t relate.”

“I don’t know why this needed to be posted. It’s everything I hate about social media,” another person commented.

“Happy for you but this is wildly unrealistic and triggering for so many new moms,” another cautioned Bordes. “Please don’t try and make other moms feel badly about their journey.”

While the first-time mom was criticized for celebrating how quickly her body recovered from childbirth, others defended Bordes and said she was entitled to sharing her experience.

“This is her experience. If this doesn’t fit your experience, move on. This isn’t about you,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I don’t like these comments invalidating her,” commented another. “Just because she had a different experience than you doesn’t mean she’s bashing you.”

Another person pointed out that if Bordes was active before and during her pregnancy, then her speedy recovery is normal.

“Why do we have to say it’s unrealistic?” they penned. “Everyone’s different. If she was in shape prior to and during pregnancy she’s gonna bounce back within two weeks,” they penned.

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