How to achieve a healthy lifestyle and sustain weight loss

The Weight Loss and Bariatric Care Clinic at EvergreenHealth offers three options for evidence-based clinical weight loss. Sponsored by EvergreenHealth.

SEATTLE — The recipe for a healthy lifestyle has three integral components, according to Dr. Sonia Hans, medical director of the Weight Loss and Bariatric Care Clinic at EvergreenHealth. These are movement, wellness and nutrition.

Dr. Hans recommends 200 minutes a week of some type of activity, like dancing, walking or even playing tag with your kids. Focusing on stress management, sleep hygiene and mental health are also important, as well as eating a nutritious, balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

“These three components together are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and they’re a foundation for those on a weight loss journey,” Dr. Hans said.

EvergreenHealth offers three pathways to help patients with weight loss. The first is the Healthiest Best Weight Loss Program that offers group and individual counseling focused on nutrition, accountability and healthy living. It provides evaluations of body composition and metabolic rate, regular body composition testing and sessions with a dietitian and a wellness coach.

“As part of the program, you’ll get the tools, resources and support for long-term success, including cooking whole foods, fitness, sleep management, reducing stress and continuing ongoing support,” said Dr. John Dockins of the Weight Loss and Bariatric Care Clinic at EvergreenHealth.

The Physician-Partnered Weight Loss Program is similar to the Healthiest Best Program and incorporates FDA-approved weight loss medications for qualified candidates. Patients work closely with physicians, such as endocrinologists, who help them understand and manage metabolic challenges.

For certain patients who have made the needed lifestyle changes but haven’t met their weight loss goals, the Bariatric Surgery Program offers sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch procedures.

“We tend to look at all of these programs as a multi-disciplinary team approach,” Dr. Dockins said.

When it comes to weight loss medications gaining in popularity, Dr. Hans says it’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to discuss options, suitability and side effects.

“Medications are something that the ‘when’ and ‘how much’ and ‘which one’ really requires medical expertise,” she said.

The team at the Weight Loss and Bariatric Care Clinic can work with you to support you and decide what’s best for your weight loss journey.

“Once we understand a patient’s goals, as well as their motivations, we can tailor an individualized program to help them reach their long-term goals,” Dr. Dockins said.

To learn more about the clinic and weight loss options, visit the EvergreenHealth website.

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