‘Low GI products a key tool in the weight management toolbox’

With consumers actively looking for food & drink to manage weight, fibre’s association with weight control and digestive health is now well established.  

With the World Health Organization estimating that by 2025, approximately 167m people – adults and children – will become less healthy because they are overweight or obese, the opportunities for a scientifically-substantiated weight management food product are impressive.

NutraIngredients spoke to Anke Sentko, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at Beneo, a supplier of prebiotics such as chicory root fibre. 

Thanks for talking to NutraIngredients Anke. Firstly, with obesity cases at an all-time high, could you give a sense of how urgent it is to effectively manage blood sugar levels and subsequently weight?

Anke Sentko 2

Anke Sentko, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at Beneo. ©AnkeSentko.

Anke Sentko (AS): “Since 1980 there has been a global increase of 27.5% in obese and overweight adults[i]; with a typical adult gaining approximately 1kg per year over their lifetime, and a deficiency of 7000 kcal needed to lose every kilogram[ii].

“The data doesn’t lie. We are indeed at crisis levels across the globe for obesity, with rates that need immediate action from governments, producers and consumers alike. To help turn the tide of obesity, the science is showing that low glycaemic products are a key tool in the weight management toolbox.

“Many evidence-based reports[iii] suggest that the preferred choice of carbohydrate should be one that is slowly available. This is to enable a lower blood glucose profile to be maintained throughout the day, enabling a lower insulin level to be achieved. This not only supports metabolic health but benefits fat oxidation for energy production and inhibits the storage of fat, which may support weight management.”


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