Ought to you attempt a bodyweight decline drug? Just one health care provider weighs in

The Fda approved Ozempic in 2017 as a treatment for people today with kind 2 diabetes, attempting to get greater handle of their blood sugar.

But, Dr. Alicia Shelly, guide medical professional at the Wellstar Health-related Center office in Douglasville, says they noticed yet another advantage to the day-to-day injectable medication.

“We noticed ideal away that Ozempic truly served our sufferers with losing bodyweight, people who had diabetic issues,” Shelly states.  “So, that became a go-to treatment.”


Then, in 2021, the Food and drug administration authorized Wegovy, yet another model name injectable made by the similar firm, Novo Nordisk, as a bodyweight loss drug.

Both drugs comprise the same energetic component, semaglutide.

Shelly claims Wegovy experienced an even additional remarkable impact.

“It was a video game changer,” Dr. Shelly says. “We started to be able to use this, and started off to see an result in our people, where they were losing up to about 14% of their body excess weight, which was additional than what we had seen prior.”

Wegovy and Ozempic

Wegovy and Ozempic (FOX 5)

Shelly states both of those medication operate by slowing down how promptly foodstuff moves as a result of the digestive tract.

“So that persons feel fuller,” she claims.  “People today really feel extra content. They have less cravings. So, it definitely helps with individuals dropping fat.  It actually focuses on that.”

The medication can also assist head off blood sugar spikes.

But, Dr. Shelly suggests, they are just equipment, designed to be applied collectively with a healthy diet and exercise.


The outcomes are superior, but even now modest.

“When we glimpse at the scientific tests, with diet regime and workout alone, most individuals drop involving 5 to 10% of their physique bodyweight,” she claims.  “But, with prescription drugs now we are obtaining up to 15%.”

To qualify for Wegovy, you need to have a system mass index or BMI of 30 or higher, or a BMI of 27 or bigger together with an underlying wellness ailment, this sort of as high blood strain or variety 2 diabetes.

Dr. Shelly states medicine can trigger aspect outcomes.

The most frequent are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly ache, and constipation.


If you tend to get stuffed up, Dr. Shelly claims, you may perhaps want to keep away from the medication, simply because it can worsen constipation.

In unusual conditions, buyers can establish pancreatitis and kidney failure.  

“So it can be incredibly vital that you go to your medical professional, to make positive you’re a superior candidate and make absolutely sure that this medication is seriously for you,” she says.

As need for Ozempic has jumped, so have reviews of shortages.

“It has been very tough, to be straightforward with you, seeking to get it for our patients who are diabetic, who have to have it, but then also for our clients who have weight problems, who want it as properly,” Shelly says.


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