Ozempic for weight loss could be lethal: It should really not be ‘given out like candy,’ doctor warns

Hollywood’s hottest excess weight loss craze – a diabetic issues medication referred to as Ozempic – could be as well great to be correct.

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Throughout an visual appeal on “Mornings with Maria,” Wednesday, Fox News healthcare contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat issued a pressing warning from Ozempic, cautioning end users that it can trigger a slew of clinical side effects, like the potentially “everyday living-threatening” ailment, intestinal obstruction.


Semaglutide, which regulates blood sugar, is the powerful weight-loss medicine in Ozempic. (Picture by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Image by JOEL SAGET/AFP by using Getty Photos)

Ozempic is an injection-based treatment applied once a week to deal with diabetes – a disease that impacts in excess of 100 million Americans. 

“You give this a shot to yourself as soon as a week. And the reason of this is to lessen your blood sugar. It stimulates your pancreas to launch insulin, which lowers your blood sugar, but it also sends indicators to your brain that you’re total. So, you have this early satiety, as a result you will get rid of a number of kilos. But it is really not with no facet consequences,” Dr. Nesheiwat stressed. 

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“Your blood sugar can drop way too minimal, for illustration. You can have dizziness, you can have vomiting. If you have a heritage of thyroid cancer, it can reintroduce that most cancers into your body. But why it really is building headlines now is it is found to lead to what’s known as intestinal obstruction. And that is not a common point, but it’s significant that you’re aware of these prospective aspect outcomes. Intestinal obstruction could be existence-threatening,” she ongoing. 

Dr. Nesheiwat continued, encouraging Ozempic consumers to seek clinical treatment “proper absent” if they endure from the drug’s dangerous aspect results. 

“It should not just be given out like candy.”

– Fox Information contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat

“If you happen to be starting off to have vomiting and suffering, and you you should not look for professional medical care appropriate away, it can trigger loss of life, ischemia of your intestines, which could have to have surgery. So, it is pretty critical to know the aspect results, to have an understanding of the risks compared to the positive aspects. And which is why it can be the responsibility of your medical professional to permit you know about these threats compared to advantages. And are you a applicant? It shouldn’t just be supplied out like sweet” she stated to host Maria Bartiromo. 

ozempic side effects

According to Ozempic.com, outlined over are some of the facet outcomes people subjugate them selves to when having the anti-diabetes drug.  (Fox Information / Fox Information)

Ozempic is Fdaauthorised to handle diabetic issues, nonetheless, physicians are equipped to “give out” the drug seemingly with no repercussions for fat reduction, Dr. Nesheiwat added. 

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Bartiromo also pointed to the FDA’s current announcement around a shortage of the drug, posing a unique challenge for diabetic Individuals. 

“If you have a individual who genuinely is a diabetic and needs this treatment, that’s a challenge that they won’t be able to get their palms on a medication they require. And so their blood sugars might go up, or they may possibly be thrown off equilibrium. And it produces a issue for individuals who genuinely, definitely have to have it.”

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“It can be so important to be cognizant of that, be cognizant of other people who genuinely are in need of this medicine. It truly is a lifetime-conserving medication. Insulin is definitely important to assistance handle diabetic issues. These medications are not just, you know, to help you come to feel much better and search better – they are to preserve you alive and effectively,” Dr. Nesheiwat explained. 



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