Ozempic or Wegovy for Fat Loss? Medical professionals Urge Warning

Feb 07, 2023 12:00 AM

College of Utah Health and fitness Communications

There is a new weight reduction craze spreading on social media. People are proclaiming that the medicine Ozempic and Wegovy are leading to them to shed pounds rapidly. Though it is correct that each medicines can make you reduce body weight, it is not wise to run to your nearest pharmacy. Here’s why.

They are built to take care of precise wellness conditions

Ozempic and Wegovy are the identical drug, but they are Food and drug administration-permitted and prescribed for unique conditions. Ozempic is applied in the procedure of Variety 2 diabetes, though Wegovy is recommended for weight decline in patients who are obese. The medication allows the pancreas create additional insulin to assistance decrease blood sugar whilst it operates in the brain to induce the sensation of fullness. This leads to you to eat fewer or lesser portions.

“What my individuals describe to me when they acquire this medicine is that they start off ingesting and feel pretty, very full—much more quickly than before employing the medication,” suggests Juliana Simonetti, MD, co-director of the Excess weight Administration Program at University of Utah Health and fitness.

The consequence of using the treatment is superior manage of blood sugar amounts and diabetes, whilst also serving to with excess weight loss.

A prescription is desired

A doctor or health care provider must prescribe Ozempic and Wegovy. Just before having the medication, it is important to talk about with your supplier:

  • Threats and positive aspects of the treatment
  • Probable facet results
  • Dosage
  • Other wellbeing conditions

 “Although these prescription drugs operate quite very well for fat reduction, they can be extremely costly, and several insurances may well not go over them,” Simonetti says.  “It’s vital to know that there are other medicines and cure solutions that can assist an individual with pounds decline that might be a improved solution for the affected person.” Get the job done with your overall health care company in determining what the most effective possibility is for you.

Treatment plans are individualized

Excess weight loss cure choices are individualized and rely on how considerably pounds anyone requirements to drop and irrespective of whether there are other health conditions to contemplate.

For example, a patient’s underlying physiology is a typical contributing issue to fat achieve. A company can enable discover some of these variables and tailor medicine tips accordingly. In addition, there are other applications that may aid with someone’s excess weight decline journey, these as bettering rest, diet, and bodily exercise.

“Medications definitely help, but they aren’t the resolution for almost everything,” Simonetti suggests. “There are extra resources to assist you be successful by addressing the fundamental physiology that will make it difficult to lose weight.”

Facet results can manifest

In accordance to Simonetti, nausea is the most widespread criticism among the her people. This is most typical when a individual is starting up a medicine or when changing the dosage. On the other hand, this facet outcome tends to increase as they get applied to using the medicine.

Other side outcomes include things like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gastric reflux
  • Pancreatitis, though quite exceptional

Medicine shortages

Social media crazes, like the present-day frenzy all around Ozempic and Wegovy, can interrupt the provide chain and result in drug shortages because of to greater demand from customers. Simply because Ozempic is getting marketed as a fat loss drug—and not as a diabetic treatment—it has caused a temporary shortage.

“The crucial factor in this article is that this is not the only procedure for fat loss,” Simonetti suggests. “There are quite a few other equipment and prescription drugs that can be prescribed for individuals to help with weight decline.”


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