Putnam practice offers cutting-edge weight-loss technology

Dr. Raja Fattaleh, of Priority Family Healthcare in Putnam, has been a family physician for 28 years, practicing in Connecticut since 2000. He recently created the Diabetes & Weight Loss Center of Northeast CT, and invested in a newly FDA-approved, $500,000 medical device called EMSCULPT NEO®.

Fattaleh states his main goal as helping his patients live longer and better by maintaining a healthy weight. EMSCULPT NEO® provides a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment with proven results of fat loss and muscle gain with just 30 minutes of treatment once a week for 4 weeks. Optional and recommended nutritional, health and wellness counseling is offered in tandem with treatments. EMSCULPT NEO® treatment is now available to the public at Dr. Fattaleh’s Putnam office.

“This is the first and only FDA-approved device to non-invasively and simultaneously build muscle mass and permanently lose fat cells,” said Fattaleh, noting that the device stimulates the muscles to actually contract.

“For example, if the treatment is over the abdomen it would stimulate up to 5000 sit-up-like contractions,” said Fattaleh. The treatment is done in 30 minute increments once a week, for 4 weeks.  

“As part of healthy diet and exercise, patients can see associated maximal weight loss after 3 months post treatment,” said Fattaleh.

Treatments with the FDA-approved device offer an average of 30% fat loss and 25% muscle gain in targeted areas.

“I’ve been wanting to do something like EmSculpt for a while, but I was always afraid of it and of the cost,” said patient Melissa LaPierre, noting that she was convinced to give it a try after witnessing the doctor, himself, utilizing the machine.

“Dr Fattaleh truly cares about his patients, so if he endorsed this procedure, he had my full confidence,” said LaPierre.

With a reasonable payment plan offered through the practice, LaPierre was able to give the method a try.

“I have gained some weight over the last couple years and I’ve had difficulty getting it off,” she said. “Doing EmSculpt was a way for me to kickstart myself into starting a more healthy lifestyle.”  

Choosing to target her stomach, LaPierre was pleased with the results.

“I have never been successful in losing that after having three children, no matter how thin I have been,” she said.

Nervous that the procedure would be painful, the patient was reassured that it was not. Rather she described the feeling of the machine as “strange.”

“There are different cycles that have different sensations,” said LaPierre, describing one of the cycles as the feeling of a “chisel bouncing against your body, chiseling your fat away.” Another cycle she described as a woodpecker pecking at her body.

But there was no pain involved, according to LaPierre, even though she opted to use the machine at 100% strength. On the contrary, the patient found the experience rather pleasant.

“I laid on the table, 2 warm paddles strapped against my stomach while he put music on for me and dimmed the lights,” she said. “It was actually a fairly relaxing experience.”

LaPierre finds herself 10 pounds down after only one session, and plans to return for many more.

EMSCULPT NEO® uses HIFEM and synchronized RF heating technologies. HIFEM is high intensity focused electromagnetic technology, similar to what an MRI machine uses. It creates electrical currents within muscle tissue to produce contractions. During a single 30-minute treatment, targeted muscles can contract up to 20,000 times. RF heating is produced by radio frequency, similar to how a heating pad works. It is targeted and focused to heat fat tissues underneath the skin and induce fat cell loss. Studies show that over time, fat cells are permanently destroyed and removed by the body.

Fattaleh hopes that successful, noticeable results from EMSCULPT NEO® treatments will encourage his obese, diabetic and cardiac patients to remain committed to better eating, exercise and weight loss.  He also offers EMSCULPT NEO® treatments to support athletes and others who wish to build muscle and strength or look fit and trim.

“Emsculpt Neo® works to build muscle as well as destroy fat cells,” said the doctor. “In addition to the EMsculpt NEO® treatments, we can combine other weight loss medications and dietary advice from our registered dietician.  We work as a team for a healthier sustained outcomes.”

EMSCULPT NEO® treatments are only offered in physician’s offices, not spas, chiropractors or aestheticians. The Diabetes & Weight Loss Center of Northeast CT owns one of just four of these medical devices in southern New England. Treatments are not covered by insurance, but significant discounts are available on published fees, which are available on the practice web site. Financing with 0% APR is also available. Call 860-315-9657 or visit https://ctweightloss.net/ for more details, scientific data and to schedule a consultation.

“If anyone has any reservations about this procedure, just know this Doctor has his patients’ best interests at heart at all times,” added LaPierre.  “My entire family are patients…my parents and my children and we trust him completely.”


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