Queer Eye Season 6: What Are The Heroes Doing Now?

Despite launching its sixth season on December 31st, 2021, fans of the hit Netflix makeover series Queer Eye are already wanting more. Unfortunately, at present time there is no confirmation as to when or if a seventh season will arrive in 2022.

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However, the most recent series offered insight into some truly inspiring people, the likes of which audiences still haven’t forgotten about. From a champion weightlifter to a talented musician, Queer Eye’s time spent in Texas was a certified success. It’s only natural, then, that fans would want to know just what happened to the season six heroes after the fab five left town.


Episode One: Terri White – Showdown At The Broken Spoke

Fifty-eight-year-old Terri White was interested in staying young and sexy – both in her lifestyle and fashion sense. But despite being a no-nonsense honky-tonk dance instructor, White wasn’t always as confident as she let on, especially when it came to her relationship with her daughter, Ashley.

Since her Queer Eye experience, both White’s son-in-law and father passed away. Despite these losses, White took over The Broken Spoke honky-tonk bar and continues to teach dancing. Thanks to Jonathan’s guidance, White’s hair is still natural, rather than the wig she wore when audiences first met her. Her relationship with her daughter has also improved. Overall, everything seems great for White, who views dancing as one of life’s best cure-alls.

Episode Two: Angel Flores – Angel Gets Her Wings

Angel Flores In A Gym Queer Eye Season 6

As a record-holding weightlifter and weightlifting coach, 22-year-old Angel Flores had plenty to be proud of. However, when she started questioning her identity and began Hormone Replacement Therapy, her confidence began to suffer. Uncertain about her body and the clothes she felt she could wear, Angel needed a friendly bit of support.

Today, Angel continues to devote herself to her weightlifting passion, even teaching online classes that can be booked via the Liberation Barbell Club’s website. Her time with the Fab 5 helped her to realize her inner and outer beauty, and Angela has used her newfound public platform to dispel untruths and educate about what it means to be a trans athlete.

Episode Three: Josh Eilers – No More Bull

Josh Eilers Queer Eye Season Six Standing Outside Wearing A Jacket

The sixth Queer Eye season brought a real-life cowboy into the mix with 32-year-old Josh Eilers. A former U.S. marine turned rancher, Eilers wasn’t the least bit concerned with personal style or hygiene. His former girlfriend Kayla was still on his mind, but the two had gone their separate ways thanks to Eilers’ lifestyle.

These days, Josh more or less keeps to himself. His social media presence is negligible, and to date, he hasn’t mentioned anything regarding his relationship with Kayla – an aspect of his life he was keen to remedy. What is clear is that his Queer Eye remodeled Tasting Room is more popular than ever, with the website of Eilers’ Ranger Cattle ranch stating that reservations are currently on hold due to demand.

Episode Four: Navarro High Prom Committee – A Night To Remember

Navarro High class standing with Queer Eye cast for Season 6

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of many, and for these Austin teens, that meant no prom. Thanks to the Fab 5, a prom took place, providing the Navarro High seniors with an event they aren’t likely to ever forget.

Given the number of students involved in “A Night to Remember,” keeping up with them all is a bit of a challenge. The seven main students focused on in the episode have all gone on to pursue their studies and passions. Navarro High’s Miss Tara continues to teach at the school and the future looks bright for the stars of one of Queer Eye’s most endearing episodes.

Episode Five: Todd Maddox – Craw Zaddy

Todd Maddox Queer Eye Season 6 Standing in Restaurant

For 67-year-old Todd Maddox, life had become a bit of a rut. The loss of his wife Jodie 10 years earlier left him running his Plooky’s Cajun Boiling Pot restaurant exactly as she’d known it. Wary of change yet no happier for it, Maddox was in need of some fab friends.

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In the months since the Fab 5 introduced Maddox to the term “Zaddy,” the revamped Plooky’s has stayed active on social media, even advertising some of its one-of-a-kind “Craw Zaddy” merchandise. Images of Maddox often appear on the restaurant’s Instagram account, with Maddox looking just as happy, clean-cut, and relaxed as ever.

Episode Six: Jereka Thomas-Hockaday – Community Allied

Dr. Jereka instantly made an impact on audiences, thanks to her selfless work at The Central Texas Allied Health Institute, a clinic she founded and ran that focuses on underrepresented community members. The CTAHI was essential for many throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing thousands of tests and vaccinations.

Since Jereka was introduced to Queer Eye audiences, she’s managed to make more time for her husband and son. Unfortunately, the city of Austin made the decision to cancel further funding for Jereka’s CTAHI. The disappointing decision hasn’t weakened her commitment to providing healthcare and education to underrepresented communities.

Episode Seven: Jamie Wallace Grenier – Snow White Of Central Texas

Jamie Grenier Standing At Safe In Austin Ranch Queer Eye 6

With her endless supply of compassion, Jamie Wallace Grenier founded Safe in Austin – a last resort shelter for animals with special needs. But keeping up with the demands of the shelter, as well as her family, left Jamie completely unable to meet her own basic self-care needs. The result was a wonderful person, run ragged by a hectic life.

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Viewers will remember that the Fab 5 built Jamie the barn she so desperately needed for Safe in Austin. Since her appearance on the show, Jamie has also built an addition to that barn. What’s more, her love for animals continues stronger than ever, but she has learned some lessons in terms of stepping back now and then. Lastly, Jamie continues to care for several puppies that the Queer Eye team rescued while shooting her episode!

Episode Eight: Chris Baker – Gimme Shelter

Chris Baker Standing in Kitchen Queer Eye Season Six

As if Chris Baker’s work finding and building housing for homeless communities throughout Austin wasn’t challenging enough, he’d also undergone the loss of his mother and struggled with substance abuse issues. A talented musician who was loved by friends, family, and co-workers alike, Chris needed a helping hand. Chris’ self-esteem issues were also related to his weight and because of this, he felt he couldn’t wear white t-shirts.

Since meeting the Fab 5, Chris has become far more confident with his style, often posting images of himself on his Instagram account. He continues to work with marginalized communities through his Other Ones foundation and it genuinely seems that his Queer Eye experience has been a life-changing one for him.

Episode Nine: Sarah Lim – A Legend In The Baking

Sarah Lim OMSquee Queer Eye Season 6

Anyone with a sweet tooth couldn’t help but feel a little jealous when the Fab 5  sampled Sarah Lim’s amazing-looking baking. Her OMG Squee bakery had previously been held back by the Covid-19 and racist vandals emboldened by anti-Chinese pandemic rhetoric. Exhausted, stressed, and scared, Lim had to find the balance necessary to salvage her business and mental health.

At present, it seems that things have never been better for OMG Squee. Despite a couple of other little setbacks after her Queer Eye appearance, Lim has things under control. Though she decided not to follow Antoni’s advice and partner with online food marketplace Goldbelly, Lim has been able to hire more staff. The demand for OMG Squee products certainly hasn’t lessened and it looks like the bakery is quickly becoming an Austin staple.

Episode Ten: Reggie Devore – The Mis-Inspiration Of Reggie Devore

Blacklight Rapper Reggie DeVore Posing With Queer Eye Cast Season 6

Before Covid-19 hit, it seemed as though rapper Reggie Devore aka Blacklight was well on his way, having opened for Katy Perry and Dua Lipa at a concert in India. But the forced isolation of Covid froze Devore’s career and whittled away his self-confidence. Unable to get himself back on track creatively, Devore was ready to give up on music altogether.

Thankfully, the Fab 5 was able to find a way to inject some confidence back into Devore. Gone are the doubts about his drive or abilities, with Blacklight making a strong return to music. In April 2022, he released two music videos, and his social media accounts offer a balance between career and family life. Devore has also been performing live again, proving that his time on Queer Eye was just what he needed.

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