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The Remedy’s clinic is one that Gothenburg people have used for everything from basic health care to chronic pain, though they are not part of the hospital they hold themselves to a high standard and strive to help improve the health of Gothenburg’s community. Recently, in order to continue reaching for this goal, the clinic has added new equipment to their repertoire.

Dr. Austin Fletcher, D.C., and Kristen Rickertsen, A.P.R.N, are excited to bring to Gothenburg new weight loss and incontinence technology.

“Our new equipment is for body sculpting and incontinence treatment,” explained Fletcher. “Body sculpting is like cool sculpting, but it’s the opposite. We’re actually using heat and muscle building in order to tighten and tone the body. Not only do you get the benefits of the fat falling off but you’re getting the benefits of muscle building. It can actually decrease your fat by 25% and increase your muscle mass by about 28% in four weeks.”

The four week program consists of a 30-minute session once a week and can have big results. Fletcher shared that he tried the machine himself and lost about 15lbs.

“30 minutes once a week for four weeks. That’s what it takes,” stated Fletcher. “Sometimes we do two more treatments and maybe a maintenance plan later if you end up not wanting to exercise and you just want to use this [the treatment] for your weight goals. It’s a little intense, as far as the electrical feeling, but it works wonders. I mean, me personally, in my four- week period I lost two inches and about 15 pounds.”

Formally the equipment is known as EMSculpt by Neo and BTL Emsella. The sculpting is done by using electrical currents to heat up the fat cells in target areas. The heat kills off the cells and encourages muscle growth.

“Our other machine is the same type of technology; it just helps the muscles in the pelvic floor,” Fletcher continued. “It’s like doing 12,000 kegels in 30 minutes. It helps with incontinence issues and to strengthen the pelvic floor.”

Fletcher remarked that one of the benefits of these new machines is that patients can remain fully clothed while receiving treatment, which helps with comfort levels.

Referrals are not needed to obtain these treatments. Patients can simply call the office to schedule an appointment and meet with Fletcher and Rickertsen to discuss their goals. With the Remedy having recently turned five, both Fletcher and Richertsen are excited to start these new treatments for the community and continue their goal of helping the town they love. There are a few things that could disqualify someone from receiving body sculpting or incontinence treatment but Fletcher stated they primarily involve implanted technology such as pacemakers, which electrical currents can harm. Both treatments are FDA approved.

The Remedy is located at 619 10th Street in Gothenburg and can be contacted by calling (308) 537-5015 or by emailing [email protected].


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