Texas Health Medical Group Opens Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Dallas, TX

Texas Health Medical Group announces the grand opening of its weight loss clinic focused on helping residents in Dallas and surrounding areas lose weight with an innovative medical weight loss formula. The therapy is based upon a new protein solution that is easy to administer and is showing fast, promising results. Dallas area residents can call (214) 666-8680 or visit https://texashealthmedicalgroup.com for more information.

The new program at Texas Health Medical Group uses GPL-1, a formula that contains proteins similar to those found in the body. These are the same proteins released when an individual consumes food. Research has found the therapy, which is FDA-approved, elevates and maintains a higher level of the protein, which in turn, curbs the appetite and reduces cravings. People feel fuller after smaller portions.

Medical Weight Loss Dallas - Call Texas Health Medical Group

Texas Health Medical Group founder Ravan Hicks says, “Calorie restrictions and intense exercise have long been considered the only natural road to weight loss.” The problem with this long-held belief, he says, is that severe restrictions on food intake won’t work in all cases. “There can be metabolic problems, or maybe lifestyle changes that just aren’t possible,” he says. “Now, there’s an effective therapy that’s showing promise.”

The human body is designed to take in the amount of food that fits in the palm of your hand, or the same amount as your fist. In modern times, however, especially in the U.S., portion sizes are much larger, especially when people eat out. This increased food intake along with a more sedentary lifestyle has combined to create an obesity epidemic. Some studies say that over 35% of adults in the U.S. could currently be considered overweight.

Outside of dieting, in the past twenty years, the most commonly prescribed approaches to weight loss have been limited to powerful stimulant-based prescription medications or invasive gastric surgeries. These methods can work, but they also can pose serious risks. Doctors may be relieved to move away from Phentermine (or Adipex) and gastric surgeries as the first line of defense. Says Hicks, “GLP-1 is the effective and safe answer to weight loss we’ve been looking for.”

Texas Health Medical Group is the first clinic of its kind in the region to offer this therapy. The formula is a 94% match to the proteins produced in the body, similar to what is released when an individual eats a meal. With the level elevated a person feels full after consuming very little. It also slows down the digestive process, so they feel fuller for longer periods. And, while the team at Texas Health Medical Group will continue to encourage healthy eating and regular exercise for general health, participants in the program can eat food they like, they will just not care to eat a lot.

The medical specialist at the Texas Health Medical Group has received special training to administer the therapy and monitor patient progress. Those enrolled report a reduction in the desire to eat soon after beginning the therapy. Also being reported is an increase in energy levels. As an FDA-approved formula, GLP-1 is not found to have triggered side effects in many participants, and the few noted exceptions are minor digestive issues that resolve quickly.

After the initial consultation and overview of medical history, an enrollee receives a dose of a customized GLP-1 formula. Progress is monitored over several weeks, and the dosage increases until the ideal level of protein is achieved. Once an ideal dose is determined, the individual schedules quick, regular visits for continued treatment.

People in Dallas who are interested in getting more information about GLP-1 or who would like to schedule a weight loss consultation can call the Texas Health Medical Group at (214) 666-8680 or visit https://texashealthmedicalgroup.com.


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