The Apprentice star shows off incredible figure after five stone weight loss

She was fired by Lord Alan Sugar on this year’s series of The Apprentice. But Amy Anzel was on winning form as she showed off her gym-honed figure at MediaCity in Salford.

The American entrepreneur, who was shown the door by Lord Sugar six weeks into the long-running BBC business competition, told back in March how she had lost five stone ahead of the series. She decided to lose weight after being diagnosed with two health conditons after the birth of her son Jacob, who is now five.

And she says she ‘barely recognised herself’ after shedding the weight. “I’ve had so many messages since sharing my weight loss story, so I thought I’d post a bit more info on how I gained and lost 70lbs,” she said on her Instagram. with side-by-side before and after photos.

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“Looking at these photos side by side, I barely even recognise myself in the before photo and am so proud of how far I’ve come!” She explained: “After giving birth of Jacob, I was diagnosed with two conditions, Hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones – and a thyroid related autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – where the immune system makes antibodies that attack the thyroid and therefore it becomes under active and causes weight gain.”

New Yorker Amy, who runs Hollywood Browzer Beauty, a beauty tools brand that specialises in dermaplaning, hair removal and exfoliation, looked sensational in blue floral print leggings and a black sports bra druing an outdoor workout session. She previously said that with the right medication, monitoring by doctors, a diet plan and an exercise regime tailored to her conditions she was able to lose weight she’d gained during and after pregnancy and is now back at 10 stone.

Amy was on winning form at MediaCity in Salford.

“It was HARD and some days it felt like I’d never get to where I wanted to be. But in 4/5 months I managed to achieve my goal!” she said. I started weight training several times a week, and rain or shine I ALWAYS made sure to do 10,000 steps per day, no excuses.

“I completely overhauled my diet and made many lifestyle changes along the way. There isn’t a blanket rule that works for absolutely everybody, and with my conditions it made it much more of a difficult process.”

Amy previously slammed her experience on The Apprentice, saying she sought therapy after suffering from anxiety and depression after she was fired from the process. Lord Sugar referenced how New Yorker Amy had lived in Los Angeles and asked her if she was an ‘LA Dodger’.

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“I have watched the show for 10 years and somebody has been PM for the first time in week seven or eight,” said Amy. “But Lord Sugar said I was a ‘dodger’ and I didn’t like to step up to the plate.”

Lord Sugar sniped: “You dodged the project management side of things, you’ve been here six weeks to show that you can do something, and you haven’t shown me you can do something. And so it is with regret that you’re fired. Thank you.”

“I was totally shocked,” she told the Manchester Evening News. “He didn’t give me a chance. People told me afterwards ‘if only you’d asked him for a chance’. But I did.”

“I said ‘please, I’m begging you’. I put myself up for team leader in week two and I was sub team leader in four out of six tasks. I was depressed and I was confused and wondering ‘what have I done wrong?’

“I just couldn’t make sense of that firing and I couldn’t seem to accept it so I went to a therapist for advice and support. I was having anxiety and couldn’t cope and she was amazing.”


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