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Visible Weight Loss Clinic treats the root drivers like gut health and emotional eating instead of just treating symptoms

COLUMBUS, OH / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2023 / Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. According to the CDC, over 40% of American adults are considered obese. This translates to a staggering 93.3 million obese adults in the US. The American Medical Association warns that obesity leads to chronic health conditions like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. The annual medical costs associated with obesity are estimated to be a staggering $173 billion.

With obesity on the rise for decades, many Americans are desperate for solutions. Recently, new medications like semaglutide (marketed as Wegovy and Ozempic) have shown remarkable promise for significant weight loss. In clinical trials, semaglutide helped participants lose on average 15% of their body weight over 68 weeks. This has led to sensational media coverage heralding these drugs as potential “game changers” for sustained weight loss.

However, many experts caution that while extremely promising, semaglutide and medications like it are not silver bullets. “These drugs work by curbing appetite and reducing calorie intake, but they do not address the underlying behaviors, psychology and physiology that caused weight gain in the first place,” explains Natalie Strayer, an integrative weight loss specialist and founder of Visible Weight Loss Clinic. “For long-term success, medication needs to be one piece of a more comprehensive approach.”

Creator and owner Natalie Strayer speaks with a VWL client

Strayer suffered with her own weight challenges for years, before developing a multi-faceted program that goes beyond simply popping a pill. Her approach addresses what she calls the “5 Core Causes” of unwanted weight gain: gut health, hormone balance, sleep, emotional eating triggers and movement.

“You have to heal the gut for proper nutrient absorption, balance hormones like cortisol and insulin that regulate metabolism, get quality sleep to manage stress, uncover the emotions driving overeating, and find realistic movement goals based on your unique capabilities,” says Strayer. “No single drug can do all of that effectively.”

While experts agree medications like semaglutide should not be seen as stand-alone solutions, they do believe these drugs can be powerful catalysts for change when combined with lifestyle interventions.

Critical for success, experts emphasize, is a weight loss program tailored to the individual’s unique needs. While semaglutide may be an excellent addition for some, it will not address the totality of causes for others. A customized approach is required.

“Obesity is complex with psychological and physiological components that differ dramatically person to person,” Strayer explains. “Generic diets, workout plans and even medications will fail the majority of people for this very reason. Lasting weight loss requires personalized guidance to identify and resolve the issues unique to you.”

Strayer at her Visible Weight Loss Clinic offices in Columbus, OH

With obesity projected to afflict 50% of American adults by 2030, the demand for solutions has never been more urgent. Medications like semaglutide offer tremendous promise in helping jumpstart weight loss for some individuals. But sustained, long-term success will require a more holistic approach for most. Tackling the nation’s obesity epidemic will demand a multi-pronged strategy that goes beyond a singular medical quick fix.


Visible Weight Loss Clinic’s mission is to help empower you to design a life that reflects your inner person. They meet you where you are in your current state and create a plan that will support your weight loss journey – a place where people can be seen, and receive the support they need to walk out their weight loss success. Owner and creator Natalie Strayer has a financial MBA, which helped her structure a supportive environment where individuals break free from fad diets and build life long success. Her clinic has led her to write the book series Harmony Within: Gut Health, Sleep and Exercise to achieve weight management success. For more information, visit For additional information, visit Visible Weight Loss Clinic on Facebook or Instagram.


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