Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Lower Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers

Adults with obesity who undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight may roughly halve their risk of dying of cancer, a new study suggests.

For the study, researchers compared the risk of cancer diagnosis and death for more than 30,000 people with obesity, including more than 5,000 individuals who had bariatric surgery. Surgery was associated with a 32 percent lower risk of cancer and a 48 percent decreased chance of cancer-related death.

“Patients can lose 20 to 40 percent of their body weight after surgery, and weight loss can be sustained over decades,” said the lead study author, Ali Aminian, MD, the director of the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, in a statement.

“The striking findings of this study indicate that the greater the weight loss, the lower the risk of cancer,” Dr. Aminian said.


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