Weight Problems Addressed At Northwestern Medical Weight Loss

The Northwestern Medical Weight Loss clinic, based in Chicago, IL, is helping clients target and lose troublesome weight. The clinic is led by Dr. Vinay Rawlani, an expert who guides clients through the viability of weight loss medications and techniques and ensures they remain safe while pursuing their personal goals.

Those who work with Dr. Rawlani will find that the clinic upholds two foundational concepts no matter what they do: effective strategies and realistic goals. Where other methods may fail to produce results, Northwestern Medical Weight Loss can help almost anyone take productive steps forward in their weight loss journey, accompanied at every turn by a medical professional with years of experience and a sterling reputation. On the other hand, the clinic also makes it a point to help clients avoid the pitfall of unrealistic expectations, especially those which could ultimately be detrimental to their health and progress.

“Weight loss may seem like a mountain you will always find impossible to surmount,” comments Dr. Rawlani, “but it does not have to be. With our help and guidance, you can start a 6-month program that is designed to put your body to work for you and knock off the pounds as you go. It is important to remember that while there are no shortcuts, there are still viable avenues that you can take advantage of to keep up your weight loss momentum. All we ask is for your trust and time. The rest will come naturally.”

Northwestern Medical Weight Loss offers what they call the Transformation Program, enabling participants to lose between 10 – 30 pounds within six months. In fact, the clinic confirms that the vast majority of the program’s participants see results of this magnitude — up to 90% reach this milestone — and are then able to keep that weight off as well.

The medical weight loss clinic clarifies that the program may not be suitable for a small group of individuals, and this is why every client’s eligibility is assessed during a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Vinay. Should all go well, however, most are likely to find that they can begin their journey immediately, essentially beginning their six-month countdown to a more preferred weight upon the conclusion of their consultation.

It is important for every client to understand what the program entails and what manner of support they can expect from it. Contrary to other guides, the Transformation Program is fully intended to be followed under the close supervision of a team of medical professionals. These professionals will be accessible around the clock for all of a client’s weight loss concerns, and this is a mandatory requirement given that the program makes use of personalized dosage prescriptions. Clients may further have to make minor adjustments to their dietary and exercise routines.

This dietary adjustment is one example of the commitment the client must make to the process, however. If not followed as closely as possible, the weight loss may not be as noticeable at the conclusion of the six-month period. On the other hand, the clinic is delighted to share that clients who maintain themselves on the journey tend to find they lose as much as — or more than — 10% of their total body weight in the same period. Some have even elected to participate in the program for a second time, effectively doubling their weight loss.

The Transformation Program is all about undergoing a metamorphosis and emerging as a brand new version of the same person. Clients who finish the program share that they feel much better about themselves and their image, and they are able to absorb all that life has to offer with more eagerness and confidence.

“You will exit the Transformation Program a changed person,” notes Dr. Rawlani. “At Northwestern Medical Weight Loss, we make it our mission to help you find the right steps to take towards your ultimate self. Come talk to us today and learn just how close the next stage of your life could be.”

Northwestern Medical Weight Loss can be reached over the phone, via email or through social media. All are welcome to contact the clinic about their weight loss concerns.


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