What is ulcerative colitis? Brian Austin Green illness and health explored as actor reveals weight loss

On Thursday, May 19, Brian Austin Green’s appearance on Good Morning America, where he opened up about his ulcerative colitis condition, aired on national US television. The Beverly Hills, 90210 actor spoke about his inflammatory bowel disease and called it “a real rough experience.”

In the interview, the 48-year-old Los Angeles native revealed that he lost around 20 pounds over the course of a short period of time. Green, who is Megan Fox’s ex-husband, further disclosed that he avoided complications with the disease through his diet.


Green was accompanied by his pregnant partner Sharna Burgess and noted that he had dealt with the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) multiple times. He further added that Burgess was scared to see the effects of the illness on Green.

What did Brian Austin Green say about his ulcerative colitis disease?

The actor stated that he had to change his diet for his well-being against ulcerative colitis. In the interview, Brian Austin Green said:

“I try and avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible. It’s really just dietary, like, as long as I can keep things within my system that my body doesn’t think I’m poisoning it with, then it doesn’t fight back.”

He further added:

“I would eat food, and literally it was like, my body didn’t process any of that. So then, when you start playing catch up with, like, staying on top of being hydrated enough, that’s such a battle.”

Meanwhile, his partner Sharna Burgess revealed that she didn’t realize “how debilitating it was” until she witnessed Brian Austin Green’s weight loss. The 36-year-old Dancing with the Stars choreographer and dancer also mentioned that she was learning and being supportive while being “internally fearful.”

The episode also disclosed how this was a new experience for Burgess, unlike Green, who has suffered from this for much longer, including a recent bout in April.

Ulcerative colitis explained


Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that results in inflammation with ulcers in the digestive tract. According to the Mayo Clinic, the disorder affects the interior lining of the “large intestine (colon) and rectum.” The academic medical center also mentioned that the disease develops symptoms over time and not spontaneously.

Common symptoms of the disease include abdominal pain, defecation with blood, diarrhea, or sometimes often the inability to pass stool from the rectum despite the urge to defecate. Furthermore, the disease can also cause weight loss, which is what happened to Brian Austin Green. In children, ulcerative colitis may also stunt their growth.


While the disease is not fatal, multiple medical publications claim that it can be fatal with the development of “life-threatening” complications. In some cases, it can cause dehydration or increase the risk of colon rupture, colon cancer, and blood loss.

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