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One of the FDA-approved ways to lose weight is using pharmaceutical options like Phentermine which is available in several brand names i.e Lomaira, Adipex, and Adipex-P. It has been tested in almost 100s clinical studies in which the ideal BMI is achieved carried by Phentermine appetite suppressing effects in addition to restricted diet and exercise.  

In 2022, many people already know about this anti-obesity medication but only a few know where to buy it online and how to get its prescription. If you think about it, it’s not that simple but again, if you have a medical condition that’s making you obese you have to try this medicine to prevent lifetime disability. Click Here to Buy Phentermine 

There are phentermine clinics in US and it’s completely virtual.  

The doctor consultation is via online video call using phones, tabs, and PC. According to the Google search engine analysis, this is the highest-rated weight loss clinic online.  

After the online check-up, if you are eligible for phentermine use, it will be sent electronically to the local pharmacy near you in case you reside in those states with their coverage. If you aren’t, they will send you the pharmacy order to your home in 2 days.  

  1. Calculating BMI: Phentermine is only prescribed to patients having a BMI of more than 27, if it’s below 27 an alternative medication will be given. 

  1. Registration to the phentermine clinic 

  1. Video-chat with one of their medical profession 

  1. Collect your script from the local pharmacy after 20 minutes 

Usually, Phentermine pills are taken for more than 2 weeks but still, you can notice and express the phentermine results after 2 weeks. See, the drug releases Serotonin, Dopamine, and Nor epinephrine neurotransmitter excessively which ends up making you feel great! This feeling of happiness reduces the appetite remarkably and a person ends up eating only a few calories per day. It’s always recommended to use Phentermine pills with a suitable diet and exercise plan to improve its results.  

If you managed to alter your lifestyle and dietary habits you’re on a very good start. Your body will start losing some pounds within the first week and you will notice around 3-5 pounds shed after 2 weeks of phentermine use. Phentermine follows a gradual mechanism so it ensures the body is losing fat mass and not the muscles. 

Generally, a physician is the only person who can prescribe you phentermine. This can take place plainly and simply, you just book an appointment with the doctor and discuss your body weight with him. You may also explain the other effects that you are experiencing because of this exceeded weight. The doctor will then proceed with further evaluation before he/she prescribes phentermine for weight loss.  

Here are a few types of Doctors who can prescribe you phentermine.  

This involves a primary care physician who will evaluate whether you are an ideal candidate for Phentermine or if should you be just prescribed other medications for weight loss.  

Bariatric Doctors are specialized in the treatment of weight loss and they are more familiar with your case than a general physician. Since they get to work with obese individuals only, they might have an idea if you are eligible for phentermine use. Gyne and Obstetric doctors also prescribe phentermine to their female patients in case the weight gain is affecting their fertility and reproductive health.  

Weight loss clinics are preferred if you don’t have valid health insurance or primary care doctor or you cannot find a doctor in your area who can prescribe phentermine medication.  

Family doctors are more familiar with your family and medical history than anyone, and this makes them assess the pros and cons of prescribing you phentermine to treat obesity. He/she will also be informed of your allergies and other symptoms that you might catch using this medication.  

Before a family doctor grants you a phentermine prescription, he/she will evaluate the following things.  

  • BMI (Body Mass Index) 

  • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure 

  • Past attempts at weight loss 

According to statistical reports, about 80% of doctors are not comfortable prescribing phentermine. It’s because of the unwanted side effect and a few candidates withdraw the medication in the middle of the 2nd week.  

If you don’t find phentermine medication for your weight gain problem, you can also go for the final option which is the doctors who prescribe phentermine online. Usually, they are real doctors who prescribe phentermine without having face-to-face time with the patients.  

This practice saves people money for the visit and once their consultation is completed, they will receive phentermine weight loss pills in the mail. According to the FDA reports, online phentermine doctors are not generally safe because the physical evaluation which they missed is the vital thing to gather, and without this using phentermine is shooting in the dark.  

Wonder why a prescription for phentermine is so important? Phentermine belongs to the anorectic class which is an appetite suppressant as well as triggers the release of Dopamine and Serotonin. Their secretion is the reason behind curbed hunger cravings which can lead to dependence in person.  

In the past, Phentermine prescription was only given to those with BMI greater than 30 or patients with critical types of Diabetes or heart disease caused by fat tissues in the arteries. Phentermine needs to be prescribed only after physical evaluation and this shouldn’t be avoided.  

Phentermine pills alternatives are always available to eradicate the biggest issue of side effects and unwanted results.  

  • Phentermine chemically known as α-methyl-amphetamine; α,α-dimethylphenethylamine is a medication used with diet and exercise to treat obesity.  

  • Phentermine was approved by the FDA in 1959 as a short-term therapy for obesity for people who are above 18 years.  

  • Phentermine was approved in the 1990s to be used in combination with other weight loss medicines, their combination was generally known as fen-phen.  

  • One of the drugs in combination with Phentermine was dropped from the market due to significant heart problems. The drug was Fenfluramine. 

  • Phentermine shares a stimulant nature which is available on prescription only, that’s because phentermine use is associated with dependence which is why it has been listed in the controlled substance.  

  • Phentermine structure is similar to amphetamine which is also a controlled substance.  

  • Health care professionals only prescribe phentermine to people who are morbidly obese and have higher BMI.  

How you get phentermine is entirely up to your current condition. Buying phentermine online or from the medical stores will need a legit doctor’s prescription which may not be a good idea for someone who is only looking to shed a few pounds of fats.  

There are several best buys for weight loss than phentermine, starting from the natural alternative to Phentermine having no side effects have become the highest ranked diet pill over the counter. Some people named them over-the-counter phentermine due to their marked appetite-suppressing effects. 

Is phentermine available near me? In US, UK, Canadian, and Australia, there is less than a 1% chance you can buy phentermine without a prescription. Phentermine is not given to those patients who have a history of drug abuse. The drug persists a CNS stimulant effect which can be pretty addictive at times if consumed on daily basis. Abusing drugs like phentermine is deadly for the cardiovascular system and it poses certain life-threatening conditions like sudden death.  

Due to the phentermine drug abuse, FDA issued a warning on its purchase without a prescription. This also entitles the health care professionals to supervise the patients to monitor and report phentermine side effects.  

In Amazon online store, Phentermine is not available. However, there are natural diet pills you can find without prescription which promise the same results but they certainly are weaker than phentermine when it comes to anorectic results.  

However, Amazon Pharmacy sells Phentermine but they will ask you for the prescription as well, whether you buy it from their physical pharmacy or an online one. You may also want to read the material they have given about phentermine before buying it for personal use.  

Many web stores in the past claimed to sell Phentermine but they were scams and tricked thousands of users. To buy Phentermine online or from local pharmacies, first, a prescription is required and it’s not easy as it seems. You must be above 18 years to purchase this drug and the pharmacist will not always grant your permission to give you phentermine 37.5 mg. Every pharmacy has its stock list so it’s better to check on the before visiting them.  

To buy phentermine online, you still require a prescription. Countries like the USA enlisted phentermine in Schedule IV controlled substance so if you buy phentermine illegally, you may get in trouble for breaking the law. Phentermine is rarely prescribed as telemedicine because the doctors have to take a thorough physical examination of a person asking for the drug.  

This invites the need for a proper phentermine channel, more like Phentermine Clinic.  

Phentermine is a pharmaceutical-grade appetite suppressant available on prescription only for short-term use. The combination of phentermine with topiramate has proven to be more effective than using Phentermine pills alone. Phentermine is a great therapy for obesity and Binge Eating disorders which more females are suffering from in modern days.  

Looking for an online phentermine prescription? You may never avoid the side effects of phentermine i.e dry mouth, palpitation, constipation, fatigue, and irritability. Individuals with heart diseases, kidney problems, hyperthyroidism, or glaucoma should never take phentermine for weight loss.  

While phentermine is an excellent anti-obesity medication but is also dangerous since it is an Amphetamine derivative. Better to stick with over-the-counter phentermine diet pills than face the conditions like dependence, drug addiction, or heart attack. Also, beware of the doctors who prescribe phentermine online because not all of them can be trusted.  

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